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Please check out the Earthsave calendar of events, to the right, and join us when you can!

November Newsletter: Earth Friendly Food Choices

Saturday, October 18th - Veg Dinner & "Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days"

Hi Earthsaver,

Earthsave Veg Dinner Series will meet this Saturday, October 18th, at our great new venue - Towson Presbyterian Church, 400 Chesapeake Ave. Our meeting will be week earlier than usual in order to avoid competing with Baltimore Veg SoulFest on Saturday the 25th. We will feature an entertaining and highly compelling video presentation this Saturday, "Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days", which is about several people with diabetes who accepted the challenge to participate in a doctor supervised clinical study in which they adhered to a diet consisting entirely of plant-based, organic, uncooked food in order to reverse disease without medication.

We need the help of several people willing to arrive an hour early to help with setup and to stay around after the meeting to help with cleanup. If you are willing to help and be there by 5:00 pm, you won't be expected to donate or bring a dish to share. Hope that you will consider...

Please be sure to check out the Veg SoulFest info below. And you might want to join the Baltimore Vegan Meetup group this Wednesday, from 7-9 pm, Mr. Chan Pikesville.

My wife Ginny and I will be hosting occasional musical events at our home in Lutherville. And we have scheduled an exceptional double bill for this Sunday, Oct 19th. It will feature two of our favorite local singer/songwriters, Sahffi Lynn, and Lea Morris. Please let me know if you'd like to be on our concert series email list by contacting Ginny at

Please join us when you can. Hope to see you soon!

Peace... Don Robertson

"We do not quit playing because we grow old, we grow old because we quit playing."
- Oliver Wendell Holmes

NEW DINNER EVENT LOCATION: Earthsave monthly dinner events are usually held on the last Saturday from 6 until 8 pm at Towson Presbyterian Church, 400 W. Chesapeake Ave. Towson, MD 21204. Directions and Parking info at Please RSVP and join us if you can!

Saturday Night, October 18th, from 6-8 pm: vegan potluck and film in Towson: “Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days”. This documentary tells the stories of six Americans with diabetes who switch to a physician supervised diet consisting entirely of vegan, organic, uncooked food in order to reverse disease without medication. Film shows the powerful healing effects of smart food choices. The aclinical study and film are powerful and revealing. Please RSVP and join us!

DINNER GUESTS may choose to either bring a dish made without animal products (to serve 8) plus $5 (members pay just $2) donation; pay $15 (members pay just $12) to enjoy dinner and presentation; or pay $5 for presentation only. We eat first, then make announcements and show presentation. Let us know in advance, if possible, if you plan to pay for dinner rather than bring a dish. RSVP by calling 410-252-3043, or emailing Meetings held at Towson Presbyterian Church, 400 W Chesapeake Ave. Towson, MD, 21204. DIRECTIONS and PARKING: Please RSVP and join us!

NOVEMBER 22nd– PRE-THANKSGIVING DINNER CELEBRATION: Our final Earthsave dinner event for the year 2014, in Towson, will feature a "Meet ‘n Greet" vegan potluck, with cooking awards, some live entertainment, and a chance to get to know each other better and have fun. Please RSVP and join us if you can! Everyone’s invited!

VEGAN SOULFEST Saturday, October 25th from noon until 5:00, let's all meet at VEGAN SOULFEST, Batimore City's largest vegan festival. The event will happen in the Downtown Cultural Arts Center at 401 North Howard Street, Baltimore, 21201. Keynote speaker will be Milton Mills, MD, who will speak on human amatomy and the optical diet for humans. Also featured will be Dr. Ruby Lathon, a certified holistic nutrition and wellness consultant, and host of The Veggie Chest, a plant-based cooking show now featured on and other TV networks. There will be wonderful food, entertainment, and much more. Please visit the Earthsave info and book sales table. Learn more at

MONTHLY VEG/VEGAN DISCUSSION GROUP MEETUPS are casual and include a variety of topics that support people in making healthier choices in diet and lifestyle.

Baltimore Vegetarian Meetup Group meets on first Sundays at 12:30 pm at the Mango Grove in Columbia, MD, which offers very tasty Indian cuisine. Their vegetarian buffet is very vegan friendly. The group welcomes all who would like to learn a healthier, sustainable, peaceful way of eating and living.

Baltimore Vegan Meetup Group gathers at Mr. Chan Szechuan restaurant in Pikesville, MD, on third Wednesdays at 7 pm. Mr. Chan’s menu offers a sumptuous variety with more tasty vegan options than any other local restaurant. Meetings attract a large group of friendly, supportive people.

Baltimore Whole Food Plant-Based Nutrition is a Meetup group that is hosted by Registered Dietitian Mark Rifkin. Mark announces the topic of discussion for each meeting. The next meeting will happen on Tuesday, Oct. 14th, and the topic will be "What Do I Say When..." Learn more by going to

BALTIMORE VEGAN DRINKS hosts monthly social and dinner events in the Baltimore area that you might like to attend. See their event schedule at

Veganism Support Group Meetup schedules a variety of lectures and dinner events, including a monthly vegan potluck that's held on Friday evenings at Govens Presbyterian Church, on 5828 York Rd, in Baltimore, 21212. Learn more at

Earthsave Baltimore Facebook group is hosted by Don Robertson. The group offers an
opportunity to connect with like-minded local people for discussion and support on diet and lifestyle or veg/vegan/animal advocacy.

Earth Friendly Food Choices is also hosted by Don Robertson and has a similar purpose to Earthsave Baltimore Facebook group, but the membership is global. Group has over 11,000 members and is real active. You might like to join us at

Ask A Vegan Dietitian! This is the only vegan/plant-based group organized and led by a Registered Dietitian. Here you can ask nutrition questions and get solid answers from an RD with years of experience in the vegan lifestyle and reading research. Join Mark's group by going to

HOUSE CONCERTS: Don and Ginny Robertson love music and have begun scheduling occasional house concerts at their Lutherville home. Guests will enjoy hearing some great music and meeting like minded people. Ginny and Don will provide tasty vegan snacks. All donations will go to the musicians. The first concert will happen Sunday, Oct. 19th, and will feature two great local singer/songwriters, Sahffi Lynn, and Lea Morris. Suggested donation is $20. To check out Sahffi's music go to And you can hear Lea's music go to See more info on Facebook event page Please let Ginny and Don know if you'd like to be on their concert series email list. Contact Ginny at

LEAFLETING OUTREACH are regularly organized by our friend Chris Dietrich, whose approach is very positive, courteous, and respectful. Chris distributes Earthsave Baltimore literature, which we are happy to provide. Chris would love to hear from you if you might like to join him, Vladimir, and others to help make an important difference for personal and planetary health and for animals. You can reach Chris at or by calling 443-261-9679. And we will be happy to provide you with Earthsave leaflets. Just give Don Robertson a call at 410-252-3043.

VEGAN SEA CRUISE: Our friend Anne George has signed up for a vegan cruise called Holistic Holiday at Sea. It will happen March 14-21, 2015. See information at Sounds like a great vegan getaway! The video, reviews by past participants and list of speakers is what sold her on the cruise. She's looking for a roommate to share her cabin with a balcony. The cost is about $1800 plus RT airfare to Miami. As a single the rate is $3200! Ann is hoping to find a female in the group who might want to go. You may contact Anne at or call 443-831-7528.

Did you know that ear infection is the most commonly diagnosed health ailment among infants and young children... Pediatricians commonly prescribe a course of antibiotics, but research has shown that such treatment is likely to do more harm than good. Studies have shown food allergies (especially to cow milk) to be the root cause of this problem. The infection rate is reduced by half in children exclusively breast fed 4-6 months. And the longer a mother breastfeeds her child and does not consume dairy products herself, the greater protection the child will receive against ear infections. - As reported in Whitewash (p. 138.) by Joseph Keon, who earned a doctorate in nutrition sciences -

Did you know that mainstream medical advice on cholesterol is dangerously out of touch with reality... We're told that a total serum level of below 200 is good, but we know that 180 is the average cholesterol level among heart attack victims. Dr. William Castelli, who led the longest running heart study, says he's never seen a heart attack in someone whose level is below 150. Plant-based diets have proven more effective than our best drugs at reducing blood cholesterol to genuinely healthy levels.

Peace on Earth is a dream we all share. Yet we commonly overlook the most pervasive form of violence in our lives - tremendous violence against animals, people, and the earth is generated by needlessly confining and killing so many animals for food. It requires us to ignore our intuitive wisdom, our feelings and sense of connection with others. We can help create a healthier, sustainable, more peaceful way of life on earth by adopting a whole foods, plant-based diet. It's a powerful, powerful way to love this planet and all those who share it.

VIDEO This short video shows that fish just want to have fun too.

PLEASE BRING EMPTY INKJET & TONER CARTRIDGES to Earthsave and Meetup events for recycling. Our nonprofit group is compensated for every cartridge we recycle. Thank you so much!

EARTHSAVE MEMBERSHIPS help us continue our important educational mission. Members receive a free 12-issue subscription to Vegetarian Times magazine. There are other benefits as well, including reduced attendance fees at our monthly dinner series. New members also get a free half-hour consultation with Registered Dietitian Mark Rifkin. Join Earthsave online at Or if you prefer, send a check made out to Don Robertson to 517 Talbott Ave., Lutherville, MD, 21093. Then Don will go online and sign you up, and you’ll be receive confirmation from our home office by email.

FULL CALENDAR of EVENTS is available at, where you will find many other local events and resources that promote healthier eating and support people in adopting a whole foods, plant-based diet.

FOR MONTHLY EMAIL REMINDER of local events and free subscription to Earthsave's monthly email Newsletter, go to

Natural Diet of Humans - A Comparative Anatomy of Eating

The Comparative Anatomy of Eating, by Milton R. Mills, M.D., was originally published on 11/21/09 by

Humans are most often described as "omnivores." This classification is based on the "observation" that humans generally eat a wide variety of plant and animal foods. However, culture, custom and training are confounding variables when looking at human dietary practices. Thus, "observation" is not the best technique to use when trying to identify the most "natural" diet for humans. While most humans are clearly "behavioral" omnivores, the question still remains as to whether humans are anatomically suited for a diet that includes animal as well as plant foods.

A better and more objective technique is to look at human anatomy and physiology. Mammals are anatomically and physiologically adapted to procure and consume particular kinds of diets. (It is common practice when examining fossils of extinct mammals to examine anatomical features to deduce the animal's probable diet.) Therefore, we can look at mammalian carnivores, herbivores (plant-eaters) and omnivores to see which anatomical and physiological features are associated with each kind of diet. Then we can look at human anatomy and physiology to see in which group we belong.

See full article at

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