Recommended Resources

These books are available in nearly all public libraries and bookstores. They are also available at the book sales table at all Earthsave events.

"FOOD REVOLUTION", by Earthsave founder John Robbins, gives current, well-documented information on all the best reasons, including health, animal protection, and ecology, to adopt a plant centered diet. Food Revolution is similar in style and content to Robbins' classic best seller DIET FOR A NEW AMERICA.

"THE CHINA STUDY", by T. Colin Campbell, PhD, details some of the most compelling scientific evidence available on the connection between diet and a whole host of chronic diseases that are currently shortening Americans’ lives. Dr. Campbell is the nutritional biochemist from Cornell University who led the Cornell/Oxford/China Health Project, which is the most comprehensive large study ever undertaken of the relationship between diet and disease.

"THE NEW BECOMING VEGETARIAN", by Vesanto Melina, RD; Brenda Davis, RD, is a comprehensive and well-researched manual for achieving optimal nutrition at all stages of life. It includes more than 50 great tasting, easy recipes.

"THE WORLD PEACE DIET", by musician/composer, educator, and Zen Buddhist Master Will Tuttle, PhD, examines, comprehensively, the link between the violence on our dinner plates and a whole, massive cycle of violence in the world today. Tuttle sees animal agriculture as the central link to a broad range of problems - psychological, social, and spiritual, as well as health and environmental. The book offers powerful ways we can all experience healing and peace and contribute to a positive transformation of human consciousness.

"OUR FOOD OUR FUTURE" is Earthsave’s attractive new booklet that’s filled with compelling information regarding the connection between our food choices and our health, the environment and the treatment of animals. We all have some friends and acquaintances who want "just the facts". This Earthsave booklet is perfect for them. OUR FOOD OUR FUTURE is one publication that you may wish to purchase extra copies of, and give to your friends, and to anyone who you think might be interested in learning a healthier way of eating.

You may view the whole booklet or download a copy for free by going to You may order them from Earthsave International’s online store at, or take advantage of the special prices below.

Earthsave Baltimore is now offering a SPECIAL DEAL on OUR FOOD OUR FUTURE! They are available at our dinner and tabling events for just $2 each/ or 3 for $5/ or 10 for $15. To ORDER BY MAIL, send a check or money order to Earthsave, 517 Talbott Ave., Lutherville, MD, 21093. The postpaid cost for one copy is $2.50, for 3 copies… $6, and for 10 copies… $17.

You may download and print the items listed as "attachments" at the bottom of this page.

The first item is a flier with information on the next several Earthsave events. Page should be printed on front and reverse and folded to make small brochure. There's helpful information on popular local veg restaurants and nutrition professionals, as well as some good general information about the benefits of a whole food, plant-based diet.

The second item lists the nutritional recommendations of Michael Greger, MD, who is a much respected speaker and author. He's a general practitioner specilizing in clinical nutrition. Each year he reads all of the nutritional journals that are published in English and reveals his findings and recommendations.

The third item is an article by Dr. Dean Ornish about the connection between diet and the most common and deadly chronic diseases. The clinial studies of Dr. Ornish have shown conclusively that dietary change can not only prevent but can reverse even severe coronary artery disease.

LINKS to Helpful Websites on...


Earthsave International offers an opportunity to learn and grow with VegPledge, and also features Earthsave TV online educational videos and many helpful publications you may read for free online.

North American Vegetarian Society hosts Vegetarian Summerfest, in Johnstown, PA, one of the best educational opportunites available.

Vegetarian Resource Group has a real helpful website that includes a nationwide guide to vegetarian and veg-friendly restaurants.

VegSource website offers free online viewings of many helpful educational videos.

T. Colin Campbell Foundation Newsletter: Dr. Campbell is the nutritional biochemist from Cornell University who led the huge and comprehensive Cornell/Oxford/China Health Project, and who wrote the book China Study. That study provided some of the best scientific documentation showing the health sustaining effects of a plant centered diet. The newsletter lets us connect with Dr. Campbell and learn about healthy eating. See You may subscribe by writing


Humane League of Baltimore organizes peaceful demonstrations, food samplings, and social gatherings to educate people and help end animal suffering.  

Vegan Outreach publishes a variety of educational pamphlets, including "Why Vegan", and "Even if You Like Meat". Their Adopt-a-Campus program has been highly effective outreach effort.

Compassion Over Killing, in Washington, DC, is one of the most effective nonprofits working to promote vegetarianism and help farmed animals.

Humane Society of the US is doing great work to help all animals, and does much to help protect farmed animals.


Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary, in Poolesville, MD, is the nearest farmed animal sanctuary to Baltimore.

Farm Sanctuary has locations in California and in New York and offers frequent educational opportunities.

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